Top Ideas for Family Day Trips

If you are going out for days as a family then this can be a lot of fun. Going to different places each day can be entertaining and it can be comfortable to be able to return to your own bed each night. However, it can sometimes be tiring and expensive and it is therefore worth planning things well before you start.

Use search engines to plan days out

It is wise to look carefully into each attraction that you plan to visit before you go. Take a look at their website and you should be able to find out all sorts of useful information. Firstly, you should think about the cost of going to the place and whether you feel it is good value for money and if it falls within your budget. Check how to get there and what the opening hours are. Look and see if there are any special events and activities that you might want to see or perhaps might want to avoid. Check the general information about the place to ensure that it fits with your expectations.

Consider travelling distance and amount of walking required

It is worth thinking about how long it will take you to get to places each day. If some places take a lot more travelling, then it could be wise to space those out with days when you do less. This will avoid you having to do all of your travelling in a block, which could be rather tiring. The same applies to walking. If some places have a lot more walking than others then split them up so that you do not have several days with lots of walking, making you too tired to enjoy other days out. It is good to do different types of activities next to each other. So if you are planning a zoo visit, several museums, several art galleries and a safari park then split them up so the museums are not on days next to each other etc and then you will have a more varied week Vary the activities


Think about the weather when you are planning the day to make sure that you are inside on appropriate days and outside on others. You may prefer to be inside when it is wet or you may prefer to be inside if it is too hot. Think about whether you can be flexible with where you go and when and plan for that. Also make sure that you have appropriate clothing for that weather such as sunblock and hats, umbrellas and macs or scarves and gloves!


It is a good idea to think about food as well. It can be expensive to eat when you are out for the day, particularly if you are in a specific place like a museum. Therefore it might be wise to think about whether you should take food with you, if you can. It could save you a lot of money and allow you to ensure you have something that you like. If you have children, it can be tricky to find food that they will eat sometimes and so taking food for them can really help. Taking drinks can also be a good idea, warm drinks in a flask for cold days and cold drinks for hot days. If you follow a special diet, perhaps for health or ethical reasons, then it may be difficult to find food that suits you otherwise.

Extra Costs

make sure that you take into account any extra costs when planning the trip. You may include entry fee and travel costs, but in some places there will be extras as well. You may need to pay for certain activities and at some places there may be very little to do apart from the activities that you have to pay for. If it is not clear from the website or leaflet, whether you will have to pay extra for things, then get in touch with the place before you go, so that you do not have any nasty shocks when you arrive.


When you go to any place there will be souvenirs to buy. These are often directed right at children and so you may need to be prepared for this. You can either be prepared to pay out for them or you can warn the children beforehand that they will not be getting any souvenirs from the gift shop. It can be hard to avoid the shop as many places are set up so that you have to walk through it before you exit.

Consider some days at home

It can be worth also considering whether you might like some days at home. You may want to have a day where you no longer need to travel and so you can just relax. You will not have to get up early to get somewhere or have to walk around all day. It might be nice to just stay at home or go out in your very local area instead.

Choosing the right type of place to visit can also have an impact on how good the day is. You might decide to go to a city, the country, the coast or to a stately home, wildlife park, farm, art gallery, museum or pottery. Consider what will appeal to you and the family as well as any others going with you. You may be going out with friends or other family members and so they may have different interests to you and so you will need to consider this as well. Adults tend to behave better than children in the sense that if they get bored, they can find a way to entertain themselves, whereas children are very much less able to do this. So if you do have children going with you then think of their needs first as otherwise you could end up having a day where the children are constantly moaning, which will not be fun for anyone.


How to Cope with Holiday Travel with Children

Going on holiday with children can be a great pleasure. Sharing fun experiences with them and showing them new places is great. However, children do get bored easily and while you are on holiday you should be able to find plenty to do to entertain them, but while you are travelling it can be much more difficult. Whether you are flying, going in the car, using public transport or doing a combination, you will need to plan for the journey well to make sure that they are happy.

Food and drink

You will be able to purchase food and drink on most journeys but it is a good idea to have soe with you. Children can be fussy and they may not be happy about eating and drinking things which are not familiar to them. If they do get hungry or thirsty it is likely to affect their mood and they could get grumpy which will not make things fun for anyone. Think about how long the journey is likely to be and prepare more than enough in case of delays. You may also find that when you get to your destination, it may not be that easy to get hold of food or drink quickly and so having some, if you can, will help. Remember to have some for yourself and other adults with you as well because it will also be easier for you to cope if you have had something as well. It also means that if you get hungry or thirsty you will not be tempted to take some of the children’s things, if you have your own.


It is really important to think about whether the children will be too hot or cold and consider what to do about this. It is uncomfortable if you are not the right temperature and so make sure that they are able, as much as possible to be comfortable. This means making sure that you have think and thick clothing or them and layers to keep them warm if necessary but to take off if they get too hot. It can be tricky to predict what the temperature might be, so it is wise to be prepared for everything. Hand held fans can be a good way of keeping cool and making sure you have sun block and hats if you are likely to be outside in the sun is useful as well.

Sleep and rest

Travelling can be tiring and if you are going a long way, then it may be that children are travelling past their bedtime or that you change time zones. It can be wise to make sure that they get the sleep and rest that they need to make travelling easier for everyone. It can be difficult though so think about what they might need to help them to sleep. It might be that they will need a blanket, pillow or special teddy, for example. You may need to think about making it dark, so perhaps having an eye mask and perhaps even ear defenders or ear plugs so that they are not disturbed.


Keeping children occupied can be tricky when you have limited space for carrying items. However, if you take some paper and pencils or pens, then they will be able to draw, write or colour so there are several activities that they can do with the same set of equipment. You may even be able to do quizzes with them or play other pen and paper games such as boxes or noughts and crosses. Obviously whether this will entertain the children will depend on their age and what sorts of things they like to do, but there are lots of possibilities so hopefully it could work for a lot of them.


There might be some small games that you could take with you. A pack of cards can be useful as they can be used for all sorts of games, both games for one person and for more. You might have other types of card games that you could take or small board games such as travel chess. You can also make up games such as eye spy and twenty questions as well as quizzing each other or seeing who can spot different things out of the window. It can be good to search for new games to take with you that could be a lot of fun, but do make sure that it is something that you know you will like or else you may end up carrying it back and forth for nothing.

Comfortable clothing

It is a good idea to make sure that the clothing you wear when travelling is comfortable. You may find that after sitting for a long time, things start to feel rather tight, particularly if flying. It is also more pleasant to have breathable clothing in case you get warm. For children the same applies, they will feel much happier if their clothes are cosy and loose. They may like to wear snuggly clothes which could help them sleep or something that will keep them cooler. What you choose may depend on the way you are travelling and how hot you expect it to be. If the children are young having a few changes of clothing handy could be worthwhile in case of accidents or spillages.


Older children will be entertained by phones, music players and things like this. These can be a great way to pass time and will mean that the adults will not have to do the entertaining. However, it will be important to make sure that you have everything charged up ready and take chargers with you. You should find out whether you will be able to charge things on your journey and if you cannot, then you will need to take batteries if you can and make sure these are charged up beforehand.

Get them prepared

It is also a lot easier if you can get them prepared in advance. Explain to the children how long the journey will be and the amount of space they will have and things like that. Discuss with them, what sorts of things they might like to do during the journey and see what they come up with. If they understand that it will be a long trip then this should help them to know that they might get bored or tired and hopefully will allow them to prepare for it holiday photo


How to Organise a Budget Holiday

If you do not have a lot of money but you still want a holiday, then there are ways that you might be able to achieve this. It will take some effort and you may have to make some compromises but it is certainly possible. There are some tips below which could help you to plan the holiday.

Start to save money towards it as soon as you can

It is wise to start saving up money as soon as you can towards a holiday, as soon as you decide that you want one you need to start saving. You may only be able to put by a tiny bit to start with, but it is good to get into the habit of it. You should also start thinking about ways that you can save more money. It might be that you will be able to reduce spending on other things so that you have some extra money to save. It may be that you can earn some more money somehow as well. You might be able to get extra hours in your job, do an additional job or some freelance work or pick up some odd small jobs that you can do form home. You may also be able to sell some things that you own to get some money that you can put towards it. You may have to plan your holiday well in advance if you need a long time to save up for it.

Compare holidays to see which is the cheapest type

It is worth finding out what type of holiday might be the cheapest for you. Staying in a hotel, for example, is likely to be dearer than self-catering in a cottage as you will have to eat out while in the hotel or pay extra for all-inclusive food. It might be cheaper to go camping if you have everything you need already compared with staying in a static caravan, but if you don’t have camping gear the caravan could be cheaper. So it is really wise to do a lot of research into the costs of different types of holidays, including the transport, accommodation and any extras that you will need to buy. Do make sure that you think about how much you might enjoy different types of holiday as well. If you go the cheapest route but end up not having fun, then this is not a good holiday for you and may not be worth the money. It could be better to delay the holiday and save up more so that you can do something you will enjoy.

Book well in advance or at the last minute as this can save money

It is worth being aware that the time that you book a holiday will have an influence on the price. If you book a long way in advance it can sometimes mean that you can get the holiday cheaper. Although sometimes it works the other way and you can get it much cheaper if you wait until the last minute. Therefore it is good to find out about the type of holiday that you are thinking of having and then doing some research to see whether it is better to book in advance or last minute to get the cheapest deal. There are holiday and money saving websites and message boards which are likely to have this sort of information on them.

Go self-catering

If you self-cater on holiday then the food will be a lot cheaper. You can just buy the food that you would normally have or take it all with you and then you will not be paying out extra for food. If you go to a hotel that provides food or eat out then the costs can start rising. Even if you have a few meals out and a coffees and ice-creams it can really start to add up, particularly if you have a big family.

Borrow or buy things second hand if you need to

If you need to get hold of extra things for the holiday, perhaps sun hats, suitcases, camping equipment or things like that then it could be wise to see whether you can borrow them off anyone. If you do not have anyone that you can borrow them from, then it could be a good idea to see if you can buy them second hand. Sometimes people even sell new things that they have had for a while and not used or only used a few times, so you could get some great bargains.

Share the cost

Iit may be possible to rent a bigger house and share the cost with friends or family and this might be cheaper than you getting a smaller one. This will very much depend on where you are staying, but it could be worth looking into. You may even be able to travel in the same car so halve the petrol cost or things like that.

Stay with family

If you have family members that have room to put you up, then this can be a cheaper way to get away from home. If they live abroad, on the coast, or in a tourist area this could be even better, but even just exploring a different town can be fun an dbeing away from home be relaxing. If you have the space, you could always offer to do the same for them if they want to visit you at some point.

Consider a staycation

If things really are too expensive, then you could always stay at home and have a holiday at home. If you have children you make this fun by doing activities that you would normally not do at home. You make a tent in the garden or inside using bedding if you do not have one. You could get out the paddling pool or garden toys and play there. You could go out for walks and discover local places that you have not been to before. You could just relax in the house doing whatever you please without any worries about getting anywhere at a particular time. You may want to tell friends and family that you are away, unplug the phone and leave social media alone for a week so you can really wind or this could be stressful for you and you may prefer to keep things switched on but just no communicate with plan photo


How to Choose the Right Type of Holiday for you

There are many different types of holidays that you can choose form and unless you have experienced all of them it can be tricky to know which one might be the best for you. However, if you find out a little bit about each type you might find it easier to make up your mind. Firstly it is worth considering what type of place you wish to stay in.


Camping can be a cheap option or a holiday as long as you already have all of the gear that you need. It is far cheaper to rent a pitch at a camp site than to rent a static caravan, holiday home or stay in a hotel . It will cost money to buy the tents, camp beds, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and any other things that you want beyond those basics. However once you have them, as long as you have bought good quality ones, you should not need to replace them very often.


Caravan can be more comfortable than camping. You may decide to buy your own that you can use whenever you wish or hire one when you are on holiday Some people choose to hire static caravans on a site. These may have limited cooking and bathroom facilities but they usually have comfortable beds and chairs. You may have one which has a shower and loo as well.

Self-catering House or Apartment

This can be a great way of having a very luxurious holiday as you will be in a property which could be very like your own home or maybe better. There will be some properties that may not be as luxurious that perhaps may have less rooms and less cooking facilities but these will be cheaper and they could be fine for anyone that is planning on eating out and not spending a lot of time in the place.


A hotel room will usually give you less space than a rental property but you will be catered for. You may have some meals included or you may not and so you will have to decide what options you want and whether you would rather eat in the hotel or buy food elsewhere. It can be great for anyone who wants a break from cooking and cleaning as the room will be cleaned daily too.

Then you will need to think about what type of location you want to stay at. Here are a few examples:

Coastal – a beach resort can be great if you like water sports or have children. It can have great walks and views too. Many people enjoy the sea air and the different atmosphere of a coastal town. There are some very quiet and some busier coastal resorts and some have sandy beaches and others pebbles or rocks, so you need to pick one that will suit you.


If you like lots to do then a city break can be ideal. Often cities will have lots of museums, art galleries and shops so you should have plenty to do in the day. Then the nightlife can be great as well with theatres, cinemas and opera houses as well as pubs and clubs, so lots for everyone to see and do.


Some people enjoy going on a holiday where they can have fun experiences and do lots of activities. It might be being involved in charitable restoration projects, going on safaris, doing extreme sports or something else. There are lots of different options and something to suit all sorts of adventurous types.


A countryside holiday can be great for anyone that likes long rambling walks, great views, wildlife and country pubs. It will usually be a quiet and relaxing holiday. So if you want to wind down and relax, get away from a busy life and be away from people and traffic, then this can be perfect. If you live in a city, then it can be a big contrast and a real way to get a change of scenery.

Theme park

This type of holiday is ideal for families or anyone that likes high adrenaline rides. It can be expensive and will involve lots of queuing unless you pay for ride passes where you can skip the queues on the most popular rides. They will mainly be out of doors and so if the weather is not good you will need to be prepared to get cold and wet.

Then you will have to decide whether you want to go abroad or stay in the UK. There are opportunities for all sorts of holidays both abroad and in the UK and you will need to consider the price as well as the time you have. Travelling further is likely to be both more expensive and more time consuming and so you will need to think about whether you are prepared to do this. However, going abroad can give you some new experiences as well as finding out about different cultures. It is important though to make sure that you will get good value for money and get a difference experience going abroad than you would in the UK. If you go abroad and do not experience any of the culture that there is to offer and do the same things you would do in the UK then it just may not be worth paying the extra money.

There are so many things to think about but when you book a holiday it can often be done on the spur of the moment. Holidays are expensive and they should be a memorable and relaxing experience and it is important to make sure that you do get the experience that you are expecting. Therefore it is really worth thinking about what you want to get out of your holiday and make sure that you do get exactly the experience that you are expecting. If you achieve this then you will know that you are getting good value for money.


Great ways to be Entertained at the Beach

A beach holiday is something that children can find great fun. However, for some children and adults, boredom can set in after a while, particularly if the weather is not that good. In this case it could be wise to have some ideas as to what sorts of things you can do in order to keep the holiday fun.

Coastal Walks

Most coastal towns have a coastal footpath where you can walk along the cliffs and look down on the beaches. You might be able to walk from one beach to another or just enjoy some amazing sites, flora and fauna that you can see. You may prefer to walk on the beach and discover different beaches along the coastline as well as hidden coves and cliffs. Ensure that you do not get cut off by the tide if you do this though as this can be a risk in some areas.

Water Activities

Being by the sea means that you should be able to have a go at some activities in the water. You might want to just paddle or swim, but you could also try paddle boarding, body boarding or surf boarding or even using some sort of boat. There might be boat trips that you could pay to take part in or you might be able to hire a boat that you can take out on the water. Staying in the sea can be a great way to stay cool so finding different activities that you can do while you are in there can be a good way to keep cool and have fun.

Sandcastle competitions

If you have children with you then sandcastles might be something that they would like to have a go at. It can make things more fun if you have a competition to see who can do the best, perhaps on a theme or make the tallest or dig the deepest hole. It can be great to get all family members involved, even the adults. If you do not like the idea of being competitive, you could just work together to make something fun.


If you are lying or sitting on the beach for quite some time then it can be a great time to read a book. You might be tempted to take a kindle or tablet but these could get sand in them and then not work properly or the sand could scratch the screen. Therefore it can be a lot safer to just take a physical book and read that. If you are not keen on books you could take a newspaper or magazine or perhaps find a puzzle book such as crosswords, to do.

Art and photography

Doing art on the beach or on a cliff can be fun. There are often very interesting things to draw or paint. You can choose families, the sea and horizon, boats or many other things as a subject for your pictures. If you would rather take photographs then you will equally find a good selection of things that you can focus on. It can be rather good fun to think about unusual angles or close-ups that you can use to make your pictures a bit different.

Playing Sports

It can be fun to play some ball games on the beach. The sand can make a great base for games and you can choose to play bare footed or with shoes on. There are lots of games you can choose from depending on what you enjoy. You can improvise without a net if you need to, perhaps using a line drawn in the sand instead. If you have a football you may also be able to use it for catch and volleyball, a tennis ball for rounders as well as tennis and a sponge ball for playing hand ball as well as catch. You may also enjoy playing boules which can be a lot of fun or other similar games. You can often buy games in beach shops which may help to give you some more options.

Visiting Local Attractions

Normally near to beaches there are some attractions that you can visit. These could be theme parks, aquariums, museums, mini golf or similar things. They may be expensive to go in but they can be a lot of fun and may be indoor things which can be done if the weather is wet or cool. It is good to investigate these before you visit and find out when they are open and how much they cost so that you can plan according to your budget as well as your timescale.

Browsing the Shops

Many coastal resorts have shops and they can be fun to look in. Beach shops have things for sale that are very different to standard shops and so you can find all sorts of interesting things. If you are curious and maybe want a giggle, need gifts to take home or just need to pass the time, they can be a great option for you. The postcards can be fun to look at as well and you might like to get some to write on the beach and send home to friends and family. Some have larger towns with some mainstream shops as well as independent ones and so you may want to do some shopping.

Amusement Arcades and Piers

Larger and more popular beaches may have a selection of amusement arcades or piers that you can go on. It can be great fun striding down the meal and looking back at the beach to enjoy the view as well out to sea. Amusement arcades are inside so they can be good to visit in the rain. You will need money to pay to play the games and the machines. Some people are not fond of them though, because they are mainly gambling machines, but others just think that it is a bit of fun.