Top Things to do on a Bank Holiday

When bank holidays arrive, we all want to make the most of that day off. In the UK we get them at Easter and Christmas, when we traditionally spend time with family. However, when it comes to the May and August ones, we are more likely to want to spend it doing something else. There are lots of options of course, but with one day or a long weekend, if you have the weekend before off too, it does not give you that much time.

A weekend break

It can be really good to go away for the weekend and get away from home and any stresses that you have there. However, many people do the same thing and this means that it could be extremely busy traffic wise and it could be expensive to stay anywhere. It could be that you find you spend a lot of time in the car and travelling and this might make the situation more stressful than if you do not go away at all. It all depends on your attitude towards traffic. Of course, you could choose to use public transport instead and this could be a less stressful option.

A staycation

Staying at home can be a good option for some people. If you work outside of the home, then being able to relax at home when you have the chance can be very welcome. You can catch on sleep and watch TV shows and generally just relax without the worry of having to go anywhere. You may have jobs that you want to get done at home as well and although this may not be so relaxing, it can be a chance to just get rid of those things that are niggling at you, perhaps painting a room, doing some repairs or something like that.

Local attractions

It can be fun to stay local and visit attractions that you have near to you. You might like to visit local art galleries or museums, go to local shops or nature reserves. You might have fun walks that you ca do or just enjoy the local town. We often ignore the attractions that we have locally or we visit them once or twice and not again. Therefore it can be a lot of fun to revisit those places and enjoy t hem all over again.

Museums and art galleries

Some people really enjoy going to museums and art galleries and may find them educational or inspirational. These are normally open on bank holidays and they be fun places to go to. Whether you have children with you or not, they can be interesting places to go to. You may have some locally or you may have to travel some distance to go to some, but either way they can be a lot of fun.

Wildlife reserves, parks and zoos

These can be great places to watch cute and interesting animals and learn more about them. They often involve interesting walks as well. It can be a great thing to do with children but actually can be fin for adults as well. Often these types of places can have special activities on when they know they are likely to get lots of visitors. There might be trails or quizzes or other things to do which can make them even more fun, if you decide that you want to take part.

Go to the Beach

A day trip to a local beach can be great fun at any time and bank holiday will give you the chance to go when you would normally be at work. The beach can be a lot of fun, with sand to play on or lie on, the sea to go in, lots of fun shops and other activities to do. You can choose a place with lots of tourist activities to get involved with or somewhere quiet where there are very few shops but less people.


These days most main shops will be open on a bank holiday, apart from Easter Sunday when they legally have to close. This means that it can be a great opportunity to catch up with some shopping or just have some fun browsing the shops. The shops might be a bit quieter than a Saturday as some people will choose to do other activities so it might allow you to be able to spend more time browsing and less time queuing.

Lunch Out

A bank holiday can be a great opportunity to have a break from cooking and eat lunch out somewhere. With no rush to get back to work or anything like that, it can be a lovely opportunity to just relax and enjoy some good food. As most bank holidays fall when the weather is warm, you could go somewhere that you can eat outside and enjoy the sunshine. You may even decide to drive to a country pub and have a lovely walk either before or after, perhaps to work up an appetite or to burn off some of the food!

Afternoon Tea

There is a growth in popularity for afternoon tea and there are many lovely places that you can go to enjoy it. Whether you choose to go with family or friends you will be bound to have a lovely time with some tasty treats. You will find that hotels will often offer afternoon tea as well as tearooms and cafes. If you are not keen on having everything you could just have a cream tea as these tend to be available all across the country these days, not just in Devon and Cornwall.

Go to the Pub

Pubs are not as popular as they used to be but there is still a selection of pubs and wine bars around. They will appeal to different types of people depending on whether you want something sophisticated or if you are looking for something family friendly. There are likely to still be plenty to pick from in your local area. It can be great to just sit inside or outside a pub, enjoy some drinks and maybe food as well and have a great chat. You could meet friends or family as well if you wish.