How to Organise a Budget Holiday

If you do not have a lot of money but you still want a holiday, then there are ways that you might be able to achieve this. It will take some effort and you may have to make some compromises but it is certainly possible. There are some tips below which could help you to plan the holiday.

Start to save money towards it as soon as you can

It is wise to start saving up money as soon as you can towards a holiday, as soon as you decide that you want one you need to start saving. You may only be able to put by a tiny bit to start with, but it is good to get into the habit of it. You should also start thinking about ways that you can save more money. It might be that you will be able to reduce spending on other things so that you have some extra money to save. It may be that you can earn some more money somehow as well. You might be able to get extra hours in your job, do an additional job or some freelance work or pick up some odd small jobs that you can do form home. You may also be able to sell some things that you own to get some money that you can put towards it. You may have to plan your holiday well in advance if you need a long time to save up for it.

Compare holidays to see which is the cheapest type

It is worth finding out what type of holiday might be the cheapest for you. Staying in a hotel, for example, is likely to be dearer than self-catering in a cottage as you will have to eat out while in the hotel or pay extra for all-inclusive food. It might be cheaper to go camping if you have everything you need already compared with staying in a static caravan, but if you don’t have camping gear the caravan could be cheaper. So it is really wise to do a lot of research into the costs of different types of holidays, including the transport, accommodation and any extras that you will need to buy. Do make sure that you think about how much you might enjoy different types of holiday as well. If you go the cheapest route but end up not having fun, then this is not a good holiday for you and may not be worth the money. It could be better to delay the holiday and save up more so that you can do something you will enjoy.

Book well in advance or at the last minute as this can save money

It is worth being aware that the time that you book a holiday will have an influence on the price. If you book a long way in advance it can sometimes mean that you can get the holiday cheaper. Although sometimes it works the other way and you can get it much cheaper if you wait until the last minute. Therefore it is good to find out about the type of holiday that you are thinking of having and then doing some research to see whether it is better to book in advance or last minute to get the cheapest deal. There are holiday and money saving websites and message boards which are likely to have this sort of information on them.

Go self-catering

If you self-cater on holiday then the food will be a lot cheaper. You can just buy the food that you would normally have or take it all with you and then you will not be paying out extra for food. If you go to a hotel that provides food or eat out then the costs can start rising. Even if you have a few meals out and a coffees and ice-creams it can really start to add up, particularly if you have a big family.

Borrow or buy things second hand if you need to

If you need to get hold of extra things for the holiday, perhaps sun hats, suitcases, camping equipment or things like that then it could be wise to see whether you can borrow them off anyone. If you do not have anyone that you can borrow them from, then it could be a good idea to see if you can buy them second hand. Sometimes people even sell new things that they have had for a while and not used or only used a few times, so you could get some great bargains.

Share the cost

Iit may be possible to rent a bigger house and share the cost with friends or family and this might be cheaper than you getting a smaller one. This will very much depend on where you are staying, but it could be worth looking into. You may even be able to travel in the same car so halve the petrol cost or things like that.

Stay with family

If you have family members that have room to put you up, then this can be a cheaper way to get away from home. If they live abroad, on the coast, or in a tourist area this could be even better, but even just exploring a different town can be fun an dbeing away from home be relaxing. If you have the space, you could always offer to do the same for them if they want to visit you at some point.

Consider a staycation

If things really are too expensive, then you could always stay at home and have a holiday at home. If you have children you make this fun by doing activities that you would normally not do at home. You make a tent in the garden or inside using bedding if you do not have one. You could get out the paddling pool or garden toys and play there. You could go out for walks and discover local places that you have not been to before. You could just relax in the house doing whatever you please without any worries about getting anywhere at a particular time. You may want to tell friends and family that you are away, unplug the phone and leave social media alone for a week so you can really wind or this could be stressful for you and you may prefer to keep things switched on but just no communicate with plan photo