Great ways to be Entertained at the Beach

Great ways to be Entertained at the Beach

A beach holiday is something that children can find great fun. However, for some children and adults, boredom can set in after a while, particularly if the weather is not that good. In this case it could be wise to have some ideas as to what sorts of things you can do in order to keep the holiday fun.

Coastal Walks

Most coastal towns have a coastal footpath where you can walk along the cliffs and look down on the beaches. You might be able to walk from one beach to another or just enjoy some amazing sites, flora and fauna that you can see. You may prefer to walk on the beach and discover different beaches along the coastline as well as hidden coves and cliffs. Ensure that you do not get cut off by the tide if you do this though as this can be a risk in some areas.

Water Activities

Being by the sea means that you should be able to have a go at some activities in the water. You might want to just paddle or swim, but you could also try paddle boarding, body boarding or surf boarding or even using some sort of boat. There might be boat trips that you could pay to take part in or you might be able to hire a boat that you can take out on the water. Staying in the sea can be a great way to stay cool so finding different activities that you can do while you are in there can be a good way to keep cool and have fun.

Sandcastle competitions

If you have children with you then sandcastles might be something that they would like to have a go at. It can make things more fun if you have a competition to see who can do the best, perhaps on a theme or make the tallest or dig the deepest hole. It can be great to get all family members involved, even the adults. If you do not like the idea of being competitive, you could just work together to make something fun.


If you are lying or sitting on the beach for quite some time then it can be a great time to read a book. You might be tempted to take a kindle or tablet but these could get sand in them and then not work properly or the sand could scratch the screen. Therefore it can be a lot safer to just take a physical book and read that. If you are not keen on books you could take a newspaper or magazine or perhaps find a puzzle book such as crosswords, to do.

Art and photography

Doing art on the beach or on a cliff can be fun. There are often very interesting things to draw or paint. You can choose families, the sea and horizon, boats or many other things as a subject for your pictures. If you would rather take photographs then you will equally find a good selection of things that you can focus on. It can be rather good fun to think about unusual angles or close-ups that you can use to make your pictures a bit different.

Playing Sports

It can be fun to play some ball games on the beach. The sand can make a great base for games and you can choose to play bare footed or with shoes on. There are lots of games you can choose from depending on what you enjoy. You can improvise without a net if you need to, perhaps using a line drawn in the sand instead. If you have a football you may also be able to use it for catch and volleyball, a tennis ball for rounders as well as tennis and a sponge ball for playing hand ball as well as catch. You may also enjoy playing boules which can be a lot of fun or other similar games. You can often buy games in beach shops which may help to give you some more options.

Visiting Local Attractions

Normally near to beaches there are some attractions that you can visit. These could be theme parks, aquariums, museums, mini golf or similar things. They may be expensive to go in but they can be a lot of fun and may be indoor things which can be done if the weather is wet or cool. It is good to investigate these before you visit and find out when they are open and how much they cost so that you can plan according to your budget as well as your timescale.

Browsing the Shops

Many coastal resorts have shops and they can be fun to look in. Beach shops have things for sale that are very different to standard shops and so you can find all sorts of interesting things. If you are curious and maybe want a giggle, need gifts to take home or just need to pass the time, they can be a great option for you. The postcards can be fun to look at as well and you might like to get some to write on the beach and send home to friends and family. Some have larger towns with some mainstream shops as well as independent ones and so you may want to do some shopping.

Amusement Arcades and Piers

Larger and more popular beaches may have a selection of amusement arcades or piers that you can go on. It can be great fun striding down the meal and looking back at the beach to enjoy the view as well out to sea. Amusement arcades are inside so they can be good to visit in the rain. You will need money to pay to play the games and the machines. Some people are not fond of them though, because they are mainly gambling machines, but others just think that it is a bit of fun.


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