How to Choose the Right Type of Holiday for you

How to Choose the Right Type of Holiday for you

There are many different types of holidays that you can choose form and unless you have experienced all of them it can be tricky to know which one might be the best for you. However, if you find out a little bit about each type you might find it easier to make up your mind. Firstly it is worth considering what type of place you wish to stay in.


Camping can be a cheap option or a holiday as long as you already have all of the gear that you need. It is far cheaper to rent a pitch at a camp site than to rent a static caravan, holiday home or stay in a hotel . It will cost money to buy the tents, camp beds, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and any other things that you want beyond those basics. However once you have them, as long as you have bought good quality ones, you should not need to replace them very often.


Caravan can be more comfortable than camping. You may decide to buy your own that you can use whenever you wish or hire one when you are on holiday Some people choose to hire static caravans on a site. These may have limited cooking and bathroom facilities but they usually have comfortable beds and chairs. You may have one which has a shower and loo as well.

Self-catering House or Apartment

This can be a great way of having a very luxurious holiday as you will be in a property which could be very like your own home or maybe better. There will be some properties that may not be as luxurious that perhaps may have less rooms and less cooking facilities but these will be cheaper and they could be fine for anyone that is planning on eating out and not spending a lot of time in the place.


A hotel room will usually give you less space than a rental property but you will be catered for. You may have some meals included or you may not and so you will have to decide what options you want and whether you would rather eat in the hotel or buy food elsewhere. It can be great for anyone who wants a break from cooking and cleaning as the room will be cleaned daily too.

Then you will need to think about what type of location you want to stay at. Here are a few examples:

Coastal – a beach resort can be great if you like water sports or have children. It can have great walks and views too. Many people enjoy the sea air and the different atmosphere of a coastal town. There are some very quiet and some busier coastal resorts and some have sandy beaches and others pebbles or rocks, so you need to pick one that will suit you.


If you like lots to do then a city break can be ideal. Often cities will have lots of museums, art galleries and shops so you should have plenty to do in the day. Then the nightlife can be great as well with theatres, cinemas and opera houses as well as pubs and clubs, so lots for everyone to see and do.


Some people enjoy going on a holiday where they can have fun experiences and do lots of activities. It might be being involved in charitable restoration projects, going on safaris, doing extreme sports or something else. There are lots of different options and something to suit all sorts of adventurous types.


A countryside holiday can be great for anyone that likes long rambling walks, great views, wildlife and country pubs. It will usually be a quiet and relaxing holiday. So if you want to wind down and relax, get away from a busy life and be away from people and traffic, then this can be perfect. If you live in a city, then it can be a big contrast and a real way to get a change of scenery.

Theme park

This type of holiday is ideal for families or anyone that likes high adrenaline rides. It can be expensive and will involve lots of queuing unless you pay for ride passes where you can skip the queues on the most popular rides. They will mainly be out of doors and so if the weather is not good you will need to be prepared to get cold and wet.

Then you will have to decide whether you want to go abroad or stay in the UK. There are opportunities for all sorts of holidays both abroad and in the UK and you will need to consider the price as well as the time you have. Travelling further is likely to be both more expensive and more time consuming and so you will need to think about whether you are prepared to do this. However, going abroad can give you some new experiences as well as finding out about different cultures. It is important though to make sure that you will get good value for money and get a difference experience going abroad than you would in the UK. If you go abroad and do not experience any of the culture that there is to offer and do the same things you would do in the UK then it just may not be worth paying the extra money.

There are so many things to think about but when you book a holiday it can often be done on the spur of the moment. Holidays are expensive and they should be a memorable and relaxing experience and it is important to make sure that you do get the experience that you are expecting. Therefore it is really worth thinking about what you want to get out of your holiday and make sure that you do get exactly the experience that you are expecting. If you achieve this then you will know that you are getting good value for money.


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